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Credit Cards for sale

How many times did you dream about a new life? Imagine no debts, no problems, just a pleasure of each new day. How often do you see happy successful people? They live in a big house, ride a luxury car, travel a lot and have beautiful sexy girl. Or how many times your business ideas have failed? Some people didn’t believe in it and refused to sponsor it. Or maybe you have a dream but have absolutely no way to implement it?

If it is all about you, then I have a solution.

What kind of solution?

Imagine you can buy a success at the shop. Here it lying on the shelf, you come, take it in your hands and look at the price tag. How much you are willing to evaluate your success? 10 thousandф, a 100 thousand or even a 1 million dollars? Think about it. Today I offer you a key to your new successful life for $149.

The thing I am talking about is cloned credit cards (ccs) + PIN. I offer the clones of Gold and Platinum ccs. It can be delivered physically or by email for online using. Physical cards can be used at the ATMs, shops, restaurants etc.

How much will I get from them?

Gold ccs have $3500 available, Platinum ccs have $5500.

How do you know that?

Each card have a BIN number. The BIN is the first 6 digits of a credit card number. It contains data about the card type (VISA, Mastercard or AMEX), bank and card value (standard, gold, platinum, black, credit or debit). Knowing this information allows me to see the approximate balance of the card.

All the money you withdraw from the card is 100% yours. My job is to get a cc, your job is to withdraw cash from it.

How long does the delivery take?

Regular shipping takes about 7-10 days. If case you need your cloned credit cards faster, then I can ship it via Express (3-5 days) or even Overnight shipping (24-36 hours). Tracking number is provided with each order.

Is it safe?

The delivery of credit cards is absolutely legal and safe. Even banks sometimes send them to the customers by post. For higher security I put your cc into a special non-transparent envelope.

Also, I put in it an encrypted withdrawing security tips to make the using of my ccs more comfortable and risk-free. With these tips you have absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Watch the video below to see how it looks like.

All you are saying here sounds like something incredible. How can I trust you?

I am in carding business for 7 years already and I know it is better that anyone else. Especially for you I made a video showing my ccs before embossing and shipping. Video is not a photo which you can easily spoof. This video proves my business legitimacy.

Video Player
What if the card doesn’t work?

I always double check the card before shipping. But in case it doesn’t work, then I will send you another one for free or make a full refund.

Sounds good! How to place an order?

Click on a “Buy Now” button bellow to order a credit card. The whole process will take less than a minute. Payments in Bitcoin and Perfect Money now.

Silver CC Fullz

Instant delivery by email
Card balance: $1500 guaranteed


Silver CC Physical

Physical delivery 1-10 days
Card balance: $1500 guaranteed


Gold CC Fullz

Instant delivery by email
Card balance: $3500 guaranteed


Gold CC Physical

Physical delivery 1-10 days
Card balance: $3500 guaranteed


Platinum CC Fullz

Instant delivery by email
Card balance: $5500 guaranteed


Platinum CC Physical

Physical delivery 1-10 days
Card balance: $5500 guaranteed



If you want to order in bulk and get a good discount, please mail me your inquiry . Don’t forget to put your order details (amount and shipping method) as a subject. All correspondence via only!

CC Guru

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